Video Service 

Thanksgiving Service on Nov 25nd 2020

Sunday Service on November 29th 2020

From Nov. 18 to Dec 2, we are going to be under the new restrictions from the Governor, so at this time we are only allowed 25 in the sanctuary.   Also 15 can fit into the back room where a TV is set up for you to watch the service.  You also can be in your car and listen on the radio (104.1MHz FM 100mw); over 70 cars can park here.   As well as 25 in the gym in the next building; 25 can fit in the 50 foot by 90 foot space there.  So it is possible to have 100 people here in various buildings and in your car.

Pastor's Office Hours 

9:00 AM- Noon   Mon. thru Thurs.

 Office Hours 

9:00 AM- Noon   Mon. thru Fri.

Phone: 541-994-8793 + 541-994-2007


We are now able to accept donations through either PayPal or by major credit/debit card. Please see our Donations page for complete information on giving.

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