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                                        St. Peter the Fisherman's Bell choir hard at work!

                                                                    MUSIC REPORT

                 Music has a long tradition in the Lutheran church. Lutherans throughout
                 the world employ music as a unifying element with expressive powers that
                 can set moods for meaningful worship. Songs of praise, truth, faith, love
                 and commitment can enhance the service through congregational singing,
                 special music offerings and the liturgy.

                 St. Peter the Fisherman follows this enduring tradition by promoting various
                 music groups from inside and outside the church membership. In the late 
                 1980's a Music Worship Committee was formed to guide and support support the 
                 developing choirs and music activities. A hand bell choir was developed during
                 the 1990's and brass ensembles brought majesty to the days of celebration in the 
                 church year.


St Peter the Fisherman Choir

St Peter Fisherman Choir - Listen, God Is Calling
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       Concordia Music Visit

Concordia - Zions Walls
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Concordia - Third
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Concordia - It's me, oh Lord
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Concordia - Fifth
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Concordia - Give you peace
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Concordia - Motto - (Thy Strong Word)
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Concordia - Beautiful Savior
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